I have been teaching in University of Tampere for many years. My goal in teaching is to provide practical tools and knowledge for the students. I run interactive lectures and hands-on workshops on many topics including:

  • History of video games
  • Game usability & playability
  • Game experience
  • Gamification
  • Free-to-play revenue model
  • Game design
  • Paper prototyping
  • Playtesting
  • Expert review & heuristics
  • Violent video games
  • Benefits of gaming

I have been teaching on following game courses:

  • IGR Introduction to Game Research
  • ITIP4 Pelit ja pelillisyys (trans. Games and Gamefulness)
  • ITIA21 Design and Evaluation of Use Experiences for Web Services and Games
  • ITIA8 Player and User Studies
  • ITIA9 Game Project
  • ITIS45 Current Approaches in Games and Internet Research
  • ITIS54 Game Research Theories and Approaches
  • M0001D Game Design (LuleĆ„ Tekniska Universitet, Sweden)
  • F2P Game Design Workshop (Kajaani University of Applied Sciences)

I can design and run full-fledged game courses and workshops depending on the purpose and need.